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From August 2023 to January 2024 I worked at The Beared Ladies as a Level Design Intern. I was involved in the development three unannounced projects in various stages of development. On this page I will discuss one of them.

Project Red Sun Blue Sun

Red Sun Blue Sun is a co-op turn-based tactical RPG, set in a "western sci-fi fantasy" setting where the players assume the role of space pirates. My tasks included blockout work of various playable spaces where I worked under the direction of the lead LD and the game director. My work involved both iterating on existing work, as well as blocking out new level prototypes from scratch.


I worked both on designing levels intended for real-time exploration, and levels intended for turn-based combat. In addition to blockout work, I was also responsible for setting up level logic such as combat covers, enemy placements, combat balancing, loot placement, as well as quest and dialogue implementation using tools provided by the programming team.

One of my areas of responsibility was to block out a level where the player explores a city in search of an NPC. The players would find the NPC in a bar where the players would defend the NPC from waves of enemies.

I was tasked with creating the bar combat room, and an accompanying street scene that would serve as the exploration area. This street idea then grew into a section of a trading city.

The following is another level prototype consisting of a small exploration area leading to a combat room. This takes place in a back alley and leads into a swimming bath.

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