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Personal Projects

Two solo projects intended to showcase my strengths as a designer.


Infiltration of the Submarine Base

A 3rd Person Stealth Action Experience 


The Domain of the Virtuous

 A 1st Person Medieval Fantasy Action Experience

Group Projects

From first to last, here are the group projects I've participated in during my time at The Game Assembly where we Level Designers along with Programmers, Animators, Artists and Technical Artists collaborate to create full game experiences.


Potion Run

Sidescrolling Runner

"Save the neighboring town from the venomous monster by delivering a potion of healing, but be careful! The monster will do everything in its power to stop you."


Fall From Grace


”Play as Lucifer the Fallen. Make your way back to heaven and confront those who cast you out. Will you succumb to darkness or find redemption in the light?”


The Travelings

Top-Down Adventure

"Help your tribe reach the oasis by whacking through crystal golems, clearing out stone and lighting the dark paths forward with your items!"



3rd Person Adventure

“Stranded on an alien planet, battle guardians with your Power Gauntlet and sap the power of the environment to fuel your portal home.”



Mobile Puzzle Game

"Help Lumen, the troll-child stay in the dark and avoid the dangers, on her journey across the treacherous primordial forest."


A Rabbit's Tale

2D Platformer

”The Snails have invaded your village and eaten all the vegetables. Adventure into the deep unknown to find more food and get your revenge.”


Spite: Journey to the Top

The Diablo Project

"Fight your way up the mountain with your magical staff to take revenge against the demon and his army of tormented spirits."


Project 8

1st Person Shooter

Our final project with our group before we all scatter and begin our internships.

This is a bigger project that will span 9 weeks full time.


A collection of some of my works created during my time at TGA.

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